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23/05/2019 11:16:51

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The FloodWise Property Report provides property or lot-based flood information for building and development requirements. This report provides information on estimated flood levels, habitable floor level requirements and more technical information on the four sources of flooding: river, creek / waterway, storm tide and overland flow. Refer to the Useful Definitions section for a glossary of terms.

To find out more about how the contents of this report may affect building or development on this property, please visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-building.For more general information about understanding your flood risk and how to prepare your property, family or business for potential flooding visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/beprepared


Property Details
Rateable Address: 47 NADINE ST, GRACEVILLE QLD 4075
Lot Details: L.92 RP.106619


Flood level information graphic – please refer to the tables in this report


m(AHD) - Metres Australia Height Datum. The level of 0.0m AHD is approximately mean sea level.

Flood Levels - The Flood level bar chart above shows the possible flooding level and percentage chance of that level being reached or exceeded in any year. If an orange bar shows, it is the calculated January 2011 flood level at this address or lot. If a hatched bar shows, it is the 1% AEP flood level from the 2017 Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study (BRCFS). Refer to ‘Useful Definitions’ for further information.

Minimum Habitable Floor Level - Applies to residential development only. Please refer to Council's planning scheme to learn how this may affect you. If a property is in an overland flow path, or a large allotment, a minimum habitable floor level cannot be provided. Refer flood and planning development flags below.

Ground Levels- The green line above shows this property's approximate lowest and highest ground levels based on latest available information (2014 airborne laser survey) to Council. If you are building, please confirm with a surveyor.

For further information and definitions please refer to the Useful Definitions page

Flood level information graphic – please refer to the tables in this report


This section of the FloodWise Property Report contains more detailed flood information for this property so surveyors, builders, certifiers, architects and engineers can plan and build in accordance with Council's planning scheme. For more information about building and development in Brisbane please visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-building or talk to a Development Assessment Planning Information Officer via Council's Contact Centre on (07) 3403 8888.


Property Details
Rateable Address: 47 NADINE ST, GRACEVILLE QLD 4075
Lot Details: L.92 RP.106619


The following table provides a summary of flood information for this property. More detailed flood level information is provided in the following sections of this report.

Property Information Summary Table
Minimum Ground Level 6.7
Maximum Ground Level 7.2
Min Habitable Floor Level 9.7
Residential Flood Level (RFL) 9.2
Residential Flood Level Source RIVER
Source of Highest Flooding RIVER
Flooding may also occur from RIVER


The table below displays the peak estimated flood levels by probability for this property. Estimated flood level data should be used in conjunction with applicable planning scheme requirements - Refer to Flood Planning Development Information.

Note that the overland flow flooding level maybe higher than the levels below from other sources.

Estimated Peak Flooding Level table
20% AEP N/A*
5% AEP 4.7 RIVER
2% AEP 6.9 RIVER
January 2011 9.2 RIVER
2017 BRCFS 1% AEP** 9.7 RIVER

* Council does not hold flood levels for this probability event, or it is not applicable for your property. If the source for the 1% AEP is River, refer to the DFL. Otherwise, refer to the BRCFS 1% AEP for information purposes only.

** This is the 1% AEP flood level from the 2017 Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study (BRCFS). The new flood study data is yet to be adopted for application in planning schemes and is for information purposes only.


This section of the FloodWise Property Report contains information about Council's planning scheme overlays. Overlays identify areas within the planning scheme that reflect distinct themes that may include constrained land and/or areas sensitive to the effects of development.


The Flood overlay code of Council's planning scheme uses the following information to provide guidelines when developing properties. The table below summarises the Flood Planning Areas (FPAs) that apply to this property. Development guidelines for the FPAs are explained in Council's planning scheme, which is available from www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-building.

Flood Planning Areas table
FPA2a Not Applicable


There are currently no Coastal Hazard Overlays that apply to this property.


Brisbane City Council's Online Flood Tools

Council provides a number of online flood tools:

  • to guide planning and development
  • to help residents and businesses understand their flood risk and prepare for flooding.

Planning and Development Online Flood Tools

Council's online flood tools for planning and development purposes include:

  • FloodWise Property Report
  • Flood Overlay Code

For more information on Council's planning scheme and online flood tools for planning and development:

  • phone 07 3403 8888 to talk to a Development Assessment Customer Liaison Officer
  • visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-building
  • visit a Regional Business Centre.

Helping residents and businesses be prepared for flooding

Council has a range of free tools and information to help residents and businesses understand potential flood risks and how to be prepared. This includes:

  • Flood Awareness Map
  • Flooding in Brisbane – A Guide for Residents
  • Flooding in Brisbane – A Guide for Businesses
  • Early Warning Alert Service. Visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/earlywarning to register for email, home phone or SMS severe weather alert updates.

Note: The Flood Awareness Map shows four levels of flood likelihood from high likelihood (flooding is very likely to occur) through to very low likelihood (very rare and extreme flood events).

For more information on Council's online flood tools for residents and business:

  • Visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/beprepared
  • Phone (07) 3403 8888.

Useful Definitions

Australian Height Datum (AHD) - The reference level for defining ground levels in Australia. The level of 0.0m AHD is approximately mean sea level.

Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) – The probability of a flood event of a given size occurring in any one year, usually expressed as a percentage annual chance.

Defined Flood Level (DFL) - The DFL for Brisbane River flooding is a level of 3.7m AHD at the Brisbane City Gauge based on a flow of 6,800 m3/s.

Maximum and Minimum Ground Level – Highest and lowest ground levels on the property based on available ground level information. A Registered Surveyor can confirm exact ground levels.

Minimum Habitable Floor Level – The minimum level in metres AHD at which habitable areas of development (generally including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, study, family and rumpus rooms) must be constructed.

Council's Planning Scheme - The City Plan (planning scheme) has been prepared in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act as a framework for managing development in a way that advances the purpose of the Act. In seeking to achieve this purpose, the planning scheme sets out the Council's intention for future development in the planning scheme area, over the next 20 years.

Residential Flood Level (RFL) – Residential flood level (RFL) for Brisbane River flooding equates to the flood level applicable to the extent of January 2011 floods as depicted by mapping on the Queensland Reconstruction Authority website or the Council's defined flood level (DFL) for the Brisbane River, whichever is higher.

Rateable Address - A Lot or Property may have more than one street address. The address shown on this report is the address used by Council for the Lot or property selected.

Property - A property will contain 1 or more lots. The Multiple Lot Warning is shown if you have selected a property that contains multiple lots.

2017 Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study (BRCFS) – The BRCFS is a project led by the Queensland Government. The flood study was released in 2017. The 1% AEP flood levels from the flood study is yet to be adopted for application in planning schemes and is for information only. Other % AEPs will be updated with new information from the flood study as part of any relevant changes to City Plan 2014 as soon as is practicable.


  1. Defined Flood Levels and Residential Flood Levels, and the Minimum Habitable Floor Levels are determined from the best available information to Council at the date of issue. These flood levels, for a particular property, may change if more detailed information becomes available or changes are made in the method of calculating flood levels.
  2. Council makes no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of a FloodWise Property report. Council disclaims any responsibility or liability in relation to the use or reliance by any person on a FloodWise Property Report.